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Driven by natural curiosity, BrandOutlook understands that things are not always what they appear to be on the surface. No matter what approach we use for a given project, we ensure that it allows us to dig deeper and uncover what is not being answered.

Making Insights Actionable

Founded in 2001, we provide progressive, disruptive, and transformative market research and brand strategies that propel companies to achieve their business objectives and drive their strategic vision. We accomplish this by skillfully conducting a wide array of qualitative and quantitative market research, often embracing multi-modal approaches.


Harold Weiss

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Jason Pocock

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Kevin Calderwood

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Robert Danoff

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Penny Pierce

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Linda Feinberg

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We Are Highly Experienced In:


Concept Testing
Ad/Message Testing
Digital Media Assessment
Message Development
Visual Aid Testing
Promotional Materials


Brand Differentiation
Brand Perceptions
Competitive Assessment
Concept Development
Unmet Needs Assessment

Product Development and Introduction

Launch Strategies
Product Assessment
Market Landscape Assessment

Behavior and Attitude Drivers

Behavioral Decision Drivers/Barriers
Core Beliefs and Habits
Customer Journey
Customer Satisfaction

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