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Case Study

MGM Grand


Rebuilt as the world's largest hotel in 1993, the 5000+ room, 100 acre MGM Grand became an icon on the Las Vegas Strip. During the growth years of the 1990s, the property adapted to the changing market (newer properties, a more upscale/adult orientation) simply by catering to a more diverse range of audiences. But by 2002, however, the property had lost a differentiated reason for being and began to see its revenues, profits and market share decline. Hence, MGM Grand needed a new brand position, one that would clarify a single, unifying theme to distinguish it from its competition on the Strip.


After completing a thorough marketplace assessment that included extensive research with customers, employees and executives, BrandOutlook created a differentiated and sustainable brand position for the property, one based on its unparalleled variety of offerings and activities, which afforded guests a multitude of different experiences with each visit. As part of this effort, we developed a comprehensive brand architecture which became the foundation for a highly successful marketing and advertising campaign called maximumVegas™.


After implementing the new brand position, MGM Grand was able to successfully attract a new, highly desirable and affluent customer base. The results were dramatic: the property experienced record revenue, share growth and profit for 20 straight quarters, eclipsing all previous records at this storied destination.