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Only 8% of respondents agree that the presence of a celebrity spokesperson makes them more likely to purchase a product.

Research Approach

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Understanding your audience.

Market research is the process by which we come to know what people are really thinking so organizations like yours can give their customers what they really want. Uncovering what’s on people’s minds is not always a straightforward proposition. Many are often unaware themselves. It’s our job to help them find and articulate these sometimes-unconscious thoughts, biases and opinions to gain valuable insight into how they wish to be marketed to. And we’ve become quite good at it.

Nice to know, but is it actionable?

Market research can glean interesting information about your target market, but if you can’t use it to build sales or to position your brand to greater advantage, what good is it? Our passion for avoiding “shelf ware” (a report that collects dust on your shelf) and our creative and innovative approach yield insights you can act on, observations that are turning points for your brand strategy. We are creative and innovative in getting both rational and emotional responses that capture a variety of perspectives.

In fact, this “whole brain” approach makes BrandOutlook different, and more useful. We gather the objective data, like every good researcher, but we go further than most to uncover and understand the subconscious cues driving much of brand behavior. We use projective techniques that elicit emotions living beneath the surface, where people often form lasting brand connections and affinities without knowing why. It’s our job to find out.

We are adept at tried-and-true methodologies as well as new and emerging techniques, giving us a wide variety of options when it comes to reaching your audience:

Online focus groups
In-person focus groups
Online communities
Online surveys
Intercept surveys
Web-conferencing interviews
In-depth interviews
Telephone interviews

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We also have a number of proprietary tools at our disposal for extracting data and insight in an entirely unique fashion. For example, VisualOutlook™, as the name implies, is a visual projective technique in which participants identify images that reflect their feelings. This is a powerful instrument for uncovering the emotions that drive behavior, and for eliciting deep-seated needs and perceptions.

Because of the diversity and effectiveness of our methodologies, we are able to paint a broad portrait that examines your audience’s mindset on several emotional levels. Armed with this insight, you are ready to mount a branding initiative that will expand and strengthen your customer base by speaking to both its conscious and unconscious needs.

Now, that’s market research.